Reasons to Rent a Car
By Trav Ick

Whether traveling or staying at home, there are some situations where a car rental is a time, money and aggravation saver. It allows you the freedom of your own car, without the commitment to a lease or a loan. It allows you to drive a car that doesn't require servicing or repairs. Renting a car can be as easy as a phone call away. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should rent a car.

1. Trip: No matter where you go you will always find that taxi's cost more than they're worth. Renting a car will eliminate the half hour wait for your cab to drive you the distance it costs to rent a car for the day, let alone the additional wait to be picked up and taken back where you came from.

2. On a Date: Nothing impresses people more than a flashy car, be it on the first date even if you're married as a nice surprise. Renting a nice car is a great way to make your date a memorable one. If you are looking for a memorable wedding event, renting a nice luxury car will be a wise choice for most people.

3. Broken Down Car: Whether your car is at the mechanics for repair, or at the body show getting a new coat of paint, you never have to miss a beat. Why let a trip to the shop keep you from driving when you can just rent a car for as long as your car is in the shop. You can save so much time and money without the hassle of bringing your car for servicing.

4. In Between Cars: There's a lot of time and energy that goes into buying a car. So much so that you never want to jump into it lightly. If your car sells faster than you can find one to buy, renting a car is cheap enough these days that you can rent a car to drive until you find the car that's right for you so that you have the proper time to get proper vehicle checks on any cars you're considering. Remember buying a car is a long term liability. Never buy a car out of a sudden urge. 

5. Live In the City: Sky trains, buses, subways make it almost ridiculous to pay for gas and insurance if you live in the city. With the expense of owning its like throwing money down the drain when everything in the city is so readily available. However instances still arise where a car would be needed. If you only need a car twice a year for a small trip out of town, then renting a car is your best bet.

There are much more reasons to rent a car from car rental companies. You save time, money, energy and that long term liability. Cars rentals companies are easy to find. If you need to rent a car in Singapore, you may visit Car Rental Singapore.


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