Car Rental Frequent Asked Questions

1. Do you accept p-plate hirers?

Yes we do. However there is a charge of $10 daily charge.

2. What are the operating hours of your office?

We operate from 10am-6pm on weekdays and 10am-2pm on Saturday. We're closed on Sunday and Public Holidays.

3. What are the locations for collection of vehicles?

You can pick up your vehicles at our office at Bedok Reservoir View.

4. How much is the deposit for booking or reservation of vehicle?

The minimum deposit for each vehicle is $50. Please approach us for more details.

5. How much fuel should the vehicle be returned with?

It should be returned with the exact amount or more that is first rented to you in the first place.
Please take note that only 95 and above fuels are allowed.

6.) I only need the car 1 day on a Sat or Sun. Can i still rent?

No, weekend rental are at a minimum of 3 days only from Fri to Mon, Thur to Sun or Sat to Tues.

7.) When will you return my deposit?

We will return your deposit when you return the car.

8.) Can i pass you the deposit when i collect the car?

Unfortunately due to many "No show" on the confirmed bookings, a deposit must be sent first to confirmed any bookings.

9.) What is the minimum and maximum age to rent a car from you?

The minimum age is 18 years old and the maximum age is 65.

10.) Can I drive your car to Malaysia?

Yes you can, however there will be a $50 daily surcharge and you must get approval from us before driving the car to Malaysia.

11.) I need to return the car 1 hour later, can I?

Yes you can, however there will be a $10 per hour charge for 1.5 CC and below cars or $20 per hour for 1.5 CC and above.

12.) Do you have GPS for rental?

Yes we have and it is available for rental at only $10 a day.

13.) Can my friend drive the car I rented?

No he/she can't drive the car unless he/she is listed as the additional driver before hand at only $10 daily.

14.) Can you deliver the car to me?

Yes, we can at only $25 to $40 depending on the location.

15.) Can I rent out the car I rented?

No you cannot. Re renting the car out is strictly prohibited.

16.) Can I smoke in the car?

No, for the comfort of everyone using the car, smoking is strictly prohibited at all times. We are sure you like a clean smoke free car as well right?

Please approach us if you have any further enquires.

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