Under 25 Car Rental

Always remember to never drive while tired. If you are feeling exhausted, find a rest area and sleep. Stop into a coffee shop and buy yourself something to rejuvenate yourself. You need to be alert and aware of other drivers on the road if you are going to be driving.

Always remember that a seat belt is important. This is another one that could save your life. It is statistically proven that using a seat belt reduces the risk of injuries and deaths. So, you never want to drive without it.

Make sure when packing up your car for your road trip that you don't block your rear view mirror, Linden well as all the other windows in the car. It is important that you can see all the traffic around you while driving and it is important you don't have anything in your way from preventing that.

Always remember that it is peak season for construction workers. They work when the weather is nice instead of go on vacation. Always be on the ready to slow down or stop for them. Keep them and yourself safe on the roads.

This one may seem obvious; however it is one that also seems to need the most reminding. Don't EVER drive while intoxicated whether it be from alcohol or drugs. Drinking and the use of drugs impair your judgment and the speed of your reactions, and doesn't allow you to drive a car as well as you need to.

Don't forget that with the summer season. You aren't the only one on the road heading to your amazing vacation. There are tons of other cars on the road and you need to be aware of them. You can't drive like you are the only one on the road.

Don't forget that the summer time is when children are out of school. Be prepared to stop without any notice for a child who runs into the street.

Also, remember that with the summer season cyclists and roller bladders are out on the streets as well. They are sometimes hard to spot with the glare of the sun, so always be on the lookout for them.

Remember to obey all speed limits while driving, not only will this prevent a costly ticket. It could save you, or others lives.

Renting a car is an easy cost effective way to travel. Especially for young drivers who are trying to save money!