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Renting a car in Singapore.

With the growing price of the fuel. Is it a better choice to rent a car? While you may not want to spend so much money owning a car, having access to a rented car can be handy or convenient at times. The best thing to do: rent a car. Renting a car is easy and convenience and you save that compounding interest from the bank.

Car Rental in Singapore

There are many of car rental places in Singapore, each with a different range of cars and with different prices. Generally, if you want to rent a new, large family car, you will pay around $200 per day, but if you're not too choosy about the car and/or the rent shop, you can rent a car for around $60 - $70 a day or even cheaper. Most car rental places offer discounts if you rent q car by the weekly or monthly basis..

Car Rental in Malaysia

If the objective of renting a car is to go cruising through Malaysia, you will be much cheaper off taking public transport to Johor Bahru and renting a car there. Malaysian rental prices are about half of those in Singapore, so if you're only going to use the car in Malaysia, this will be the better option. If you decide to rent a car in Singapore and drive it to Malaysia, there will be usually be an additional charge of $20 per day.

Can P Plate holder rent a car?

This is probably one of the most common question. Just got your license? Excited about driving your friends or love ones around? I know that feeling. Usually renting a car in Singapore while you are holding a P plate license will be $10 extra per day. That is a small fee to pay considering if you buy a car yourself. Renting a car is the best way to increase your experience for your car in the future.

Where to rent a car?

There are many different car rental places so the best thing to do is a quick search on the internet. All large rental places are represented in Singapore and most offer websites with online booking systems. Choosing the right place to rent a car in Singapore is very important to get the best rate and best car. One good site for car rental in Sngapore would be Singapore Ace Car Rental. You can visit the car rental site here:

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