Tips On How To Rent Car For CNY: What You Need To Know

Renting a car in Singapore can be a hassle if you've never done it before. Be informed that car rentals can often make travel turn out to be more pleasant. It is always important that you first research before considering any firm dealing with car renting so that can know what the requirements are. Researching will enable you also locate a reliable company offering satisfactory services at affordable prices. This write- up will provide you the rules as well as regulations that are normally considered important to adhere to when renting a car in Singapore.

Rent Car For CNY

Rules and Regulations for Renting a Car in Singapore: What you Should Know
Age Requirement:-
In order to be considered qualified to rent a car in Singapore; most companies will require you to be not less than 21 years of age. You must also have a valid driving license for you to qualify to rent a car.

Required Deposit:-
Most rental firms in Singapore will require you to pay 600 SGD as deposit when renting a car. If you'll be paying using your debit card, the required cash amount you will be required to pay will be approximately 700 SGD. Note that most rental companies do not usually encourage cash deposits.

Insurance Requirements:-

There are three kinds of insurance available i.e. collision, liability as well as personal injury. Generally, if you will rent using any major credit card, there are high chances that you're already covered. Also, personal insurance may cover car rentals in Singapore. You are always advised to inquire from your insurance agent first so that you can know the kind of insurance that will suit your car rental needs.

Returning the Car:-

You will be given a one- hour allowance as grace period. If you'll be late than the stipulated time, you will be needed to pay the hourly rate normally listed on the contract up to four hours. Once the four hours period elapses, you may be charged the cost required for one to rent a car the whole day.

Extending your Rental:-

If you will require the car for longer hours than the time anticipated, it is ideal that you alert the rental company via a phone call. Be informed that most rental car firms in Singapore may be booked completely and therefore deny you an extension. Let us now have a look at some of the tricks that can assist you locate a genuine/ reliable company dealing with car rental in Singapore.

Rent Car For CNY

Tips on How to Rent a Car for CNY

Tip# 1: Researching Online:-

The internet is an appropriate place that can offer you with everything you require knowing about car rental in Singapore. When looking for tricks online, simply Google " How to Rent a Car in Singapore or Various Companies Dealing with Car Rentals in Singapore", and you will be briefed on what you are supposed to do.

However, since there are very many online sites claiming to deal with car rentals which are fake, ensure that you only rely on information coming from genuine car rental websites in order to avoid being misled or conned online.

Tip# 2: Knowledge or Reference:-

Friends or any member of your family that may have rented a car previously in Singapore can assist you know the tips on how to rent cars in Singapore or help you know the various legit car rental farms in Singapore to consider.

It is essential that you inquire from such people about what steps they used to rent a car, how reliable the firms they promoted were and also make sure that they give you a close estimate of what you'll be expected to pay when renting a car. These people should explain to you also the requirements needed for one to qualify to rent a car in Singapore.

Tip# 3: Visiting the Renter's you've Located:-

Visit the different renters you find so that you can have a chance of inquiring more about their cars and services in general. The renters should issue you lists of their recent customers in Singapore so that you can call and verify from them how genuine or trustworthy these renters you opt to consider are.

It is recommended that you do not put into consideration any renter who doesn't issues his/ her clients with previous clients contact information as it indicates that they're either not professional or hiding negative things about the cars they are offering for hire.

Rent Car For CNY

Tip# 4: Considering Renters who are Licensed/ Insured:-

A licensed car renter will indicate that you will be dealing with a person who is recognized legally by the government of Singapore. Likewise, an insured car renting company will make sure that you do not in any way incur losses that might accidentally arise when using the hired car. However, you will be compensated only if the renter will have insured against the cause of the accident or damage you incur when using the rented car.

Tip# 5: Working with a Car Renting Company Offering Affordable Quotes:-

Once you get rid of the other renters courtesy of the aforementioned tips on how to rent a car and you are remaining with about four to consider, work with a car renting company in Singapore that does not only assure you with satisfactory renting services but also charge you a small amount for the services rendered. Let us now have a look at some of the factors you should avoid when renting a car.

Other Tips on How to Rent a Car

*Avoiding Airport Rentals:-

Renting a car from any onsite airport vehicle facility can be costly, due to surcharges and taxes. However, despite going offsite being considered inconvenient, it will save you money and your precious time in the long run.

*Avoiding Add- ons:-

Avoid buying add-ons if you want to get easily most mileage for your cash. It is ideal that you make use of the GPS in your smartphone instead of purchasing add- ons as an extra service.

Last, but definitely not least, read carefully and understand the rental contract terms when renting car for CNY so that you can avoid incurring extra charges in the end. Thank you.


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