Tips For Renting A Car In Singapore

Singapore draws in visitors from around the globe with its island views, tropical climate, and diverse population. The best way to make the most out of a trip to Singapore is by renting a car. A rental car allows visitors to see all that the island has to offer with the luxuries of setting their own schedules and fully immersing themselves in local cultures and customs.

Renting A Car In Singapore

Why rent a car in Singapore?

There is much to do and see in Singapore, despite the relatively small size of the island. While public transportation and private taxis are very common in Singapore's urban areas, using these methods of transportation over far distances costs travellers precious time and money. Renting a car in Singapore allows visitors to:
- Save dramatic amounts of time and money
- Visit locations not serviced by public transportation
- Establish much more flexible itineraries
- Experience many of Singapore's diverse settings and scenes
- Feel more comfortable on trips of any duration
- Become more in-tune with Singapore's culture and customs

How can travellers find the best rental car companies in Singapore?

As most travellers arrive to Singapore by air, the airport can serve as a terrific resource for information on car renting. Singapore's Changi Airport, for example, works with Avis, Budget, and Hertz rental companies and has rental counters at each of its terminals.

Whether or not travellers choose to pick up a rental at the airport, it can be helpful to do research prior to arriving in Singapore. Different companies offer different rental rates, vehicle makes and models, hours of operation, and add-on or protection plans. The best way to determine which rental company best suits the needs of a particular traveller is to visit the companies website prior to the start of the trip for rates, quotes, and contact information.

What type of license is required to rent a car in Singapore?

Foreigners hoping to rent a car on their short visits to Singapore should ensure that their licenses are either written in English or can be officially translated into English. Drivers with international licenses may also rent cars in Singapore.

For visits lasting longer than 12 months, foreigners must convert their licenses to Singapore drivers licenses. This is true even for those temporarily living in Singapore with a Student Pass, Employment Pass, Dependency Pass, or Work Permit.

Renting A Car In Singapore

What are rental rates like in Singapore?

Before renting a car in Singapore, travellers should decide for how long the car will be needed. Whether for a few hours, a day trip, or an extended period of time, rental companies in Singapore give customers many options to choose from, working to fit budgets and needs of all types. Many car rental companies in Singapore offer the following types of rates:
- Hourly
- Daily
- Weekly
- Monthly
Hourly rates are the least common rental package in Singapore, but some rental companies do offer three-hour rental packages. These are commonly used by corporations and business executives, who may need a car or limousine for the few hours they are in town.

Rental rates depend on the type of car, duration of the reservation, and any special features the vehicle may have. Daily rental rates usually begin at around 40 NETT Singapore dollars, with larger cars costing about 60 NETT Singapore dollars per day. In general, weekly rates of about 400 " 650 NETT Singapore dollars are common in Singapore, with compact car rates sitting at the low end of the price range and larger SUV rates sitting at the higher end. The longer a car is rented for, the lower the cost per day.

The make and size of a vehicle affect how much the rental will cost. Smaller cars are more popular in Singapore as the roadways are smaller than most foreign drivers are used to and smaller vehicles help to cut down on road congestion, a main goal of Singapore's government. Some of the most common vehicle makes in Singapore include:
- Mercedes-Benz
- Toyota
- Volkswagen
- Nissan
- Honda
Time of year can also affect car rental rates in Singapore. November through June is considered a busy season for travel to Singapore. Key events during this time of year are: Zoukout in December, Thaipusam in January, Chinese New Year in February, and Dragon Boat Festival in June. All travel amenities, from hotel rooms to rental cars tend to cost slightly more during this season, while the period from July through October is less popular and rates more reasonable.

Renting A Car In Singapore

What are driving rules and conventions like in Singapore?

It is important for travellers who plan to rent a car in Singapore to first familiarize themselves with the road rules and popular driving conventions, many of which may be common knowledge. Foreigners should keep the following road rules in mind when driving in Singapore:
- Always drive on the left side of the road
- Mind the speed limit (typically 50 km/h on roads and 70-80 km/h on expressways)
- Never drink and drive
- Keep headlights on if driving between the hours of 7 PM and 7 AM
- Do not use a cell phone when driving (punishable if caught)
- Call 995 to report serious road accidents

In Singapore, it's common for minor auto accidents to be handled between the drivers, without police involvement. If a driver wishes to file an insurance claim in Singapore, a police report must be filed within 24 hours of the traffic incident. Travellers should check with the rental company on accident policies and insurance coverage before driving. In case of emergency, call 995.

Is navigation complicated in Singapore?

Singapore, though densely populated, is organized very efficiently. Many visitors find Singapore's roads easy to navigate, even without the aid of GPS. For travellers hoping to take their rental cars on longer trips in Singapore, the rental company's representatives should be able to offer assistance with maps, best routes, and other helpful navigation tips.

Renting a car in Singapore has proven to be safe, easy, convenient, and reasonably priced. In planning a trip to Singapore, travellers can decide if a rental car will elevate the quality of their trip by planning an itinerary with must-visit destinations, comparing prices of public or private transportation with the cost of renting a car, and finally, deciding whether or not they will be comfortable operating a vehicle in an unfamiliar country.

For travellers who decide renting a car will be the best way to fully experience Singapore, they should research companies prior to arriving in Singapore to decide on which rental company, type of vehicle, and duration of rental contract will best suit their budgets and travel plans.

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