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If you are a Singaporean, you will understand that owning a car in Singapore is not easy at all because before even buying a car, you have to pay for the COE. COE is also known as Certificate of Entitlement. Some COE can go up as high as getting another brand new car. Singapore is the only country that has the highest car ownership cost.

Although it might be quite easy to travel around Singapore because of the accessible public transport, MRT trains, buses and taxis but it is still more convenient to have a car during family outings or travelling to Malaysia.

To solve this problem, it is just a call away only. There are many car rental companies around and they provide budget and affordable car renting service. They usually carry a number of different cars like Toyota Altis, Cherry QQ, Kia Picanto, Toyota Rush, Subara TS, Honda Stream,Honda City, Mitsubishi Lancer, Honda jazz and many more. You can easily pick the car of your own liking. And of course, for different cars the price ranges differently.

So how do you go about finding a suitable and affordable car rental company? Internet will be a great tool. You just have to go online and research on the various car rental service companies and enquire about the different prices.

Here are some example of questions you might want to enquire:

1.      Do these cars belong to your company?

2.      Are these cars insured ? ( The best way to check if the car is insured is to look at road tax disc displayed on the car screen )

3.      Are there any hidden costs?

4.      How much does it cost to rent the car on weekday and weekend per day?

5.      Do I have to pay for any deposits before renting the car?

6.      What are the minimum days I would need to rent?

7.      Can I drive the car to Malaysia?

8.      Can any of my friends or family members drive the car I have rented?

9.      What are the locations for collection of the cars?


After reading this article, I am recommending you guys a car rental company in Singapore called the “Rent Car Singapore” you can easily visit them through this website, my friends around me have been raving about their budget prices. So why hesitate? Call them today now! Last note, do be careful and alert on the road.

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