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Subaru Ts Manual
 Subaru TS Manual
Apart from the poor acceleration, it feels totally smooth at high speeds.. even on stock suspension, there's no floating feeling when travelling between 90kmh and 100kmh.

When cornering at high speeds, this baby can easily match the likes of other popular brands, the hondas with their v-techs and the light weight toyotas known for their spirited acceleration..


Feels safe when cornering at high speeds;
Superb handling due to it's AWD and low mounted boxer engine therefore getting low CG naturally;
nice boxer note, for a NA car.

Subaru TS (M) (Mid Sized Sedan)
Subaru TS Manual
(Mon - Thurs)
1 / 2 / 3 Days
$75/ $70/ $65
Weekends Package
$240 NETT
Best Deal!
$240 NETT

Rental Price:
Weekdays: $75 per day
Weekend Friday to Mon: $240 Nett
Promotions Mon to Fri: $240 Nett



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