Where Can I Rent Volkswagen Jetta In Singapore?

There are a lot of tourists and expatriates coming into Singapore every year. Most of the tourists as well as foreigners find it convenient to hire their favorite vehicle instead of purchasing a new one. One of the reasons people prefer to hire vehicles is that it is very easy to hire a vehicle and almost all of the latest models are available for hire. Cars such as Volkswagen Jetta are very popular in Singapore and one of the favorite of tourists.

Rent Volkswagen Jetta

The hiring process is very simple. One needs to be over 18 years of age and possess a valid Singapore Class 3 license to be eligible for renting a car. In case of foreigners, valid international driving license along with passport is required. Once these prerequisites are furnished, the actual process of renting a car can be started. There are a lot of car rental companies operating in Singapore and almost all of the models are available for rent.

Once the above-mentioned documents have been furnished, a standard car rental agreement is signed between the car company and the customer. Most of the companies require the hirer to visit the office of car rental company personally. This helps in validating the identity of the car hirer. Once the agreement has been signed and the payment has been made, hirer can take the car and use as he pleases.

Although most of the times a customer will be able to hire any car of his or her choice, there are times when a particular model is not available with a car rental company. Therefore, a customer may need to wait for the model to become available or he can choose to hire a different model. However, most of the car rental companies try their best to provide the required car model to the customer and sometimes some of the car rental companies go out of their way to make the desired car model available to the customer.

A customer should definitely enquire about the availability of particular car model before visiting the car rental company.

Most of the car rental companies take payments only in Singapore dollars but in case one does not have the local currency, it can easily be exchanged by many currency exchanges in Singapore. The payment for car rental is usually done in cash.

In addition to the rent for the car, hirer is also required to deposit an amount with the company to take care of any damage done to the car in the rental period by the hirer. This deposit is always refundable and is mostly for the safety of the car rental company. The car rental company also deducts any balance amount from this deposit when the car is returned.

Volkswagen Jetta

Everyone knows that travel plans can always change and therefore almost all of the car rental companies allow the customers to cancel the booking. However, the car rental company may charge a fee for cancellation.

A hirer should take certain precautions while using the car and while returning the car. One should keep in mind that all of the traffic violations and offences committed on the rented car are the responsibility of hirer and all the fines will have to be paid by the hirer. Also, the hirer should take care to remove all the belongings in the car before returning it.

While renting a Volkswagen Jetta, a customer should enquire whether it is permitted to take the car to the neighboring Malaysia. Some of the car rental companies do not allow their vehicles to be taken outside Singapore whereas some ask for permission before the customer is allowed to take the car outside Singapore.

In addition to the car, some of the car rental companies also offer the services of a driver. Therefore, if one is not comfortable driving in Singapore, one can always use the services of a driver to navigate the traffic.

Most of the car companies also offer GPS rental services on additional charge. It is important to check the insurance of the car before hiring. Most of the companies keep their car insured but sometimes it may happen that a particular vehicle is left out and is not insured on the date of the hiring.

So, next time you want to move around in a Volkswagen Jetta in Singapore, get in touch with a car rental company and enjoy the ride in Singapore.

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