Where Can I Rent Mercs S500 In Singapore?

There are a lot of companies offering car rental services in Singapore. Car rentals are in high demand in Singapore due to huge number of tourists as well as foreigners flocking to Singapore for business and pleasure purposes. However, not all of the car rental services companies offer the same level of service. Therefore, one should rent a car only from a trusted car rental service to avoid any problems while returning the car.

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As far as the model and make of cars is concerned, many car rental companies offer a variety of models from all of the major international car manufacturers. Some of the most popular car models available for rental in Singapore are the Volkswagen Jetta and Mercs S500. Since these models are categorized as luxury models, there are only a few car rental companies that offer these cars for rental purposes.

As far as the rental process for Mercs S500 is concerned, a customer does not need to look afar as a simple search on any of the major search engines will bring tens of results of car rental companies. However, one should not just hire the car from the first car rental service, one comes across. One should check with at least 3 to 4 car rental companies before finalizing the car hiring. Also, one should not choose a car rental company on the basis of price only.

One should choose a car rental company on the basis of its reputation as well as the level of service offered by the car rental company. Most of the professional car rental companies in Singapore have courteous staff and will assist the customer in hiring the desired car model whereas some of the unscrupulous businesses would try to push any available car with them to the customer. Therefore, it is important to do thorough research before choosing a car rental company.

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The process for car rental begins with the customer visiting the office of the rental company in person. In-person visit is necessary as it also confirms the identity of the person. As far as the documentation is concerned, the hirer needs to be at least 18 years of age and should possess Singapore class three driving license. Foreigners can also hire Mercs S500 directly from a car rental company in Singapore by providing their international driving license and a copy of their passport.

If the documentation is found in order by the car rental company, the process moves to the signing of the rental agreement. The rental agreement states the obligations of the car hirer regarding any fines or damage made to the car during the car hiring period. The rental agreement comes into effect once the required security deposit amount is deposited with the rental company. This deposit is refundable and is returned to the car hirer once the car is returned.

While hiring the car, the car hirer should check the documentation as well as insurance of the car. One should take delivery of the car only when all of the documentation is in order. Most of the times, all of the papers of a rental car are in good order but sometimes unscrupulous businesses take advantage of people who are not aware of the local market.

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It is important to note that any fines and offences as well as any damage done to the car are going to be deducted from the deposit made with the car rental company. Therefore it is important to keep the car in good condition. Also, the car hirer should ensure that all the belongings from the car have been removed before returning it to the rental company.

Some of the foreigners and tourists may want to take the car with them to the neighboring Malaysia. However, it is important to check with the rental company whether they allow the car to be taken out of Singapore or not. Most of the companies will allow car to be taken outside but they may charge extra for this. It is extremely important that the car hirer gets assurance from the rental company that they are fine with the car being taken outside of the country.

As mentioned above, hiring a Mercs S500 in Singapore is not a complicated process but one needs to deal with only reputed businesses. Some of the unscrupulous businesses try to take advantage of the people by charging hidden fees from the deposit made with them. To avoid any such situation, it is important for the car hirer to get everything included in the rental agreement.

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