How To Rent The Right Wedding Car?

The ideas of wedding functions are always met with a lot of joy and celebration. However the idea of planning for a wedding brings on dread and confusion. There is always the added pressure of making sure the day is perfect especially for the bride and groom. Planning gets a little more complicated as in involves various facets. Choosing the venue, the décor, dress and transport are in themselves pure headaches especially if you don’t know how to go about it. However in the hopes of simplifying the process of choosing the ideal wedding car to rent, here are a few guidelines that you should keep in mind

Wedding Car

Budget cost

Every wedding has a budget that should be adhered to. This ensures that all other facets of the wedding are not compromised. The cost of the car rental should adhere to the cost. Because luxury cars are always proffered as the wedding cars, it’s good to look for a car rental with a reasonable price. Also ask if there are extra charges for over runs, hidden cost may drive the cost of a rather affordable car rental high. If the preferred automotive is too expensive and non affordable, it would be wise to look for other models that would still look elegant but keep to the budget.

Décor and theme

The décor of the wedding plays a really big part in choice of transport that will be chosen. The color of the rental car is the first think that comes to mind, it would look hideous to have bright green neon colored rental when the wedding theme décor is scarlet. As expected, the theme also comes to play. If it’s a more �traditional’ , wedding, some modes of transport would look out of place. Giving an example, using a vintage car in a bungee wedding or a disco wedding would be out of place. However the same vintage classic would fit perfectly for a ball wedding.

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Rental Company

Choosing a respectable reliable rental company is something that should be considered when choosing the right wedding car. The reputation and the reviews that is has, should very well tell you what kind of Business Company the car rental is. It would be unwise to choose a car rental that has proven unreliable in the past just to save a few coins. It would be completely embarrassing if the car rental fails to show up on the wedding day or they �disappear’ with your deposit expressing sincere apologies on how the car coincidentally broke down. The pricing of the rental company should also give you a clue on how they are, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is, save yourself from a headache and choose something that corresponds with the market car rental value.

Venue of the occasion

Venue of the occasion is one of the trickiest part. Having chosen the right wedding and perfect venue with beautiful landscapes, the cars should fit in that profile. When doing this, take into account the overall landscape and overall terrain of the wedding venue. A two wheeled luxury ride will be extremely unsuitable in rough terrains. It also would be impractical to want to travel with it to a hilly region and expect for it to work. It would be appropriate to go for a less �luxurious’ car but be able to reach the venue.

Rent Wedding Car


Large wedding entourages are a thing of the past especially with these hard economic times. Looking for a convenient car in terms of space that will accommodate more people will save you a lot of time money and time. The need of renting different cars to accommodate the entire brides mates and the grooms men won’t be necessary. Also time wasted waiting for other part of bridal party at the wedding venue would be avoided.

Time line

Rarely does it occur that bride will be on time at the venues, small hitches like make up and photos completely delay the whole wedding occasion. However as normal as this sounds, it would be wise when choosing the right car for you, ensure that confirm for how long will the car be in your possession during and after the wedding. It would be extremely embarrassing to be left confused and disoriented if the car departs and leaves the whole bridal party asking themselves numerous questions about what do to next.

Follow the guideline when choosing the right wedding car and be assured that you will have a memorable event, with no transport hitches.

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