Car rentals on rise in Delhi as partygoers play safe

New Delhi: As the police get stricter about drunken driving, partygoers in New Delhi are taking no chances and hired drivers are in high demand.

The demand for drivers and cars means car rental companies, too, are not complaining.

Anjali, a 25-year-old, and her friends enjoy their Saturday nights at a pub. But with the Delhi Police getting tougher on drunken driving this year, they are being extra cautious on New Years Eve.

"We have heard magistrates and policemen are checking for drunken driving. Since all of us drink, we couldn't have a designated driver. Instead we plan to rent a cab," says Anjali.

And so with police personnel present at all major intersections and penalties ranging from a steep fine to a jail sentence, many partygoers in the city are opting for a safer route

So the New Year eve revellers plan to book a car or hire a driver and the decision to drink and not drive is a bonus for car rental agencies.

"There is an increase especially for cabs for late night use after parties etc. There was more demand during Xmas eve and we expect more during New Years Eve," says J Mareila, Marketing Manager, Dial A Cab.

The car rental business has reported a nearly 25 per cent increase in demand for their services.

This December, companies like Dial a Cab have added up to 20 cars to their night fleet to keep up with the demand. The lack of reliable and safe public transport is another point in their favour.

"It's a question of safety. I don't mind shelling out if that's what it takes to ensure we get home without an accident," a partygoer says.

If one thought that calling a cab after drinking binge will be an added expense then think again. It's cheaper than a challan, spending a night in jail or paying with one's life.

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