Renting a Car in Singapore

Car Rental In Singapore

Need a transportation to travel around Singapore? Firstly, you got to know what type of car you require. Secondly, consider the time period of renting. Many local companies provide locals or visitors who require cars on short-term basis. They do provide daily or weekly 5-7 days rates or packages. Do take note that the rates vary depending on the company, weekday or weekends and the duration of rental.

As there are many rental companies with different rental rates, seek recommendations or look for a few companies before narrowing down to one. If you do not have local driving licenses, no worries, there are some companies that do accept international driving licenses. After narrowing down to one company, it is advisable to read its terms and conditions first before signing any documents. Do not happily drive off the vehicle without inspecting, no one would wish to pay for damages that are inflicted by the previous driver.

In order to avoid being paying for damages that you did not incur, be extra careful when inspecting the whole vehicle. Some main factors when inspecting:

Interior and exterior of the car
Headlights, signals, tyres and brakes are in working condition
Windows, audio, windshield wipers and air conditioner are proper functionality

By checking the terms and conditions, it will save you lots of trouble if there is mishap, whether the car will be insured. DO NOT RENT if you are in doubt. To protect your interest, always check through rental certificate to make sure that the car is insured.

With renowned reputation and credibility, Rent Car Singapore is committed to ensure that your travel is enjoyable and easier. We do provide regardless of long or short term leases.

We are pleased to offer you an extensive range of makes and models. We ensure that our cars had undergone regular servicing to ensure that you will feel good and safe while driving! We pride ourselves in providing quality service to all our clients. Our team is dedicated to serve all our clients with a warming smile.

Rent Car Singapore offers the utmost competitive rental rates at no hidden cost! With tremendous support from our clients, we are moving forward into the next millennium to reach higher heights.

A few Car Rental Tips:
Hunt for reasonable package
Reserve in advance to avoid disappointment
Buy a car insurance
Restriction on where you can take the car
Check out if rental companies allow “P plate” drivers
Be on time when returning the car

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