Types Of Car Rent Services And Key Factors To Consider When Hiring These Services

The car business has over the years witnessed an upsurge in revenue. The revenue emanates from car rental services offered by various automobile industries. The rental services have made it easier for people who do not have the financial power to purchase their own cars to enjoy the advantages of using a car. Whether car rent is done at a personal or corporate level, quality rental services are offered. Car rental companies allow people to choose from a wide range of cars ensuring they get the most out of their hired car. The persons renting the cars have the flexibility to book the cars online prior to the actual day the car will be used. This article shares with readers the versatile rent car services available in Singapore. Further, a brief overview of the key factors to consider when hiring rent car services will be explained.

Car Rent Services

Types of car rent services

Short term car rental

This service concentrates on people who rent cars for a maximum period of a month. In renting a car, it is not a prerequisite to book in advance if a car is urgently needed.

Long term car rental

In Singapore, close to 100 cars exist exclusively for long term car rental. This car rental service ranges from monthly to annually basis. Under this service, clients can hire different models of cars since the rates of hiring are somewhat cheaper. Aside from the cheaper rates, the other merits of a rent car on a long term basis are:
- Provision of total legal rental reputation which is facilitated by the Local Transport Authority.
- Clients are not charged extra costs.
- Companies cater for car servicing costs.
- Clients are allowed to have a change of car.
- The rental company offers the services of driver for free.

Budget car rental

Disparities in income earned do not allow people to hire the same type of cars. Budget car rental is the most inexpensive car rental package offered making it possible for average income earners to hire cars. In Singapore, this service goes for approximately $80 for a day. Although the cars are hired at inexpensive price, the companies ensure they are in good shape. The cars are regularly subjected to inspections, repairs, servicing and maintenance procedures.

Examples of car models offered under this rental service are:

- Toyota Wish
- Toyota Seinta
- Ford Ka Zetec
- Mazda 6

Car Rent Services

Corporate car rental

This car rental service provides convenience and flexibility for corporate entities. Business affairs are able to run effectively and uninterruptedly as insurance coverage and emergency services are availed when needed. Businesses can choose between budget and luxury corporate cars such as:
- Honda Stream
- Toyota Mark X
- Volvo XC90
- Porsche Boxster

Wedding car rental

A wedding is an exceptional occasion that needs attention to details in every aspect. To add essence to it, individuals can decide to rent a car from wedding car rental agencies. These agencies have luxury car brands that are classic to match a wedding. Convertible brands, Ferraris and other options are availed to ensure a wedding achieves the charm it needs.

Luxury and exotic car rental

A wish that keeps recurring in the minds of people is that of owning a luxury or exotic car. A luxury car is powerful and conveys a state of affluence and sophistication. But to own such a car, one has to dig deeper into his pocket. Little financial power makes it difficult to possess a luxury car. All the same, one can rent an exotic car for a single day or for a week. Luxury and exotic car rental enables lovers of posh cars to enjoy driving moments without necessarily having to buy the cars. Be it taking a road trip, travelling to work, going to the airport or attending an event, posh cars ensures every activity is memorable and fun. An important occasion such as a wedding celebration or a business excursion receives more glamour and uniqueness with a luxury or exotic car.

Factors to consider when hiring each type of car rents services:

Your driving history

Car rental companies analyze the driving details of clients before allowing them to rent cars. A bulk of companies do not rent cars to persons who have a history of:
- Careless driving
- Convictions arising from driving while intoxicated
- Suspended driving licenses

Size of the rental car

The size determines the price to be paid when a car is rented. The prices of compact cars and luxury cars will vary. A compact car is likely to be hired at a low price in contrast to a luxury car.

Car Rent Services

The issue of fees

When hiring a car, it is crucial to inquire about all the fees that will be imposed. Having complete knowledge about the fees will prevent unexpected charges when settling the rental fee. Below are fees to inquire about.

Return fees

With some car rental companies, returning a rented car after the due date or the given grace period attracts a certain fee. When a car is returned before the due date, a fee may also be imposed


The rental car's price will include the sales tax and the obliged tax outlined by the law.

Fuel charges

The policy that applies in almost all car rental companies is that the hired car should be returned with the tank full of gas. If an individual does not refill the tank, he will be charged a refill fee by the company which is more expensive than refilling in a local outlet.

In wrapping up, when using a rent car, ensure it has what you need. For instance, if you are new in a city, renting a car that has a GPS system enhances easy movement around the city. Renting a car from an agency that has extensive car options facilitates choosing a car that matches your taste.

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