Can Foreigner Rent Car in Singapore?

Policies for Renting a Car in Singapore

Renting a car is a very important necessity that any one may encounter when they are going to Singapore. If you are a foreigner then it is necessary for you to go through the car rental policies before you make any decisions. There are many things that are related with the rental of the car which the individuals need to understand before they hire a car for making the transportation much comfortable and good. It is necessary for the individuals to really understand about all these benefits before they rent a car.

Can Foreigner Rent Car in Singapore?

Driving License and Age

If you want to rent a car in Singapore then it is necessary for you to be above the age of 18. If you are from Singapore then you need to possess the valid driving license of category class 3. If you are a foreigner then you need to have international driving license and also a valid passport. None of the car rental company can provide you with a car if you do not satisfy all these things. You license and age are considered with great care and it is enforced on strict way in this country.

Agreement and Availability

It is necessary for the customers to visit the office of the rental company personally for completing the agreement of standard rental. This is something that the customer needs to fill for entering in agreement as hirer. The car rental can be subjected based on the availability of the car. If there is a condition that the vehicle that the customer has booked and paid the money then the company is having the responsibility of arranging another vehicle that has got the same capacity until the vehicle that is booked becomes available. There is no need for the customers to worry about being without any vehicle.

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Mode of Payment

All the rates that are there for the car rental is quoted based on Singapore currency. It is necessary for the customers to pay full amount only after collecting vehicle. You may need to pay the full amount as cash when you get the vehicle that you have booked for. It is necessary for the customers to provide booking deposit for all the reservations and bookings made. Once when the hirer returns the vehicle, company pays this money back. If there are some kinds of extra charge for the car rental then the money is deducted from the deposit given by hirer and balance amount is given to him back from company.

Cancellation of the Booking and Late Return

If the customers feel like cancelling a booking after paying the deposit amount, they can make the cancellation by making a call but money will not be refunded. The hirer should be really careful for making the reservation as once the deposit is made them the amount will not be refunded in any circumstances. This is something that the customers need to deal with care so that they do not come to situation that they have to lose their money. If you are returning the car late then there are fines charges from the companies. The companies usually charge 10 dollars for cars that are below 1600 cc and 20 dollars for cars above 1600 cc.

Penalty, Belongings, Traffic Offences, Extra Driver

If there are any belongings of the hire left on the car at the time of return, all those will be discarded. It is necessary for the hirer to be responsible about his belongings and the company cannot tale any responsibility if those are left in the car at the time of returning that to the company. If the car is driven to Malaysia without the consent of the rental company then hirer need to pay 500 dollars as penalty. Every foreigner should understand this condition. If the hirer commits any offenses or traffic violations during the time the car is taken for rent then it is comes under the whole responsibility of hirer to take care of that well.

Extra Driver, New Driver and GPS Rental

If the hirer needs an additional driver then the company charges $10 SGD and can be to $200 SGD. For new driver with experience of 1 year the hirer needs to pay the same charge. GPS can be available for rent of $10 SGD for a day.


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