All You Need To Know Before Renting Car

Renting a car is far much convenient as compared to using public transportation or more cost effective than paying for a taxi whenever you want to travel even for a short distant. However, if you are not keen, you will end up incurring some hidden cost. Before renting a car, take your time to ask some questions. Do you have to obtain some additional insurance? Who will be paying refueling the car? What other expenses would have to meet apart from the actual renting fees? This article discusses different considerations that you need to make while hiring a car. It will get you prepared and ensure that you avoid all mistakes that might see you incurring some unnecessary costs:

Rent Car

Paying for fuel:

Most car rental service providers have adopted the use of prepaid fuel service, which seems to appeal customers who are looking for simplicity. Some car rental service providers have come up with some more advantageous ways of car refueling that allow them to compete well in the market. Note that unless you are sure that you will return the tank empty, it will not worth your money to refuel it yourself. However still, make sure you are not being overcharged in the name of refueling. Compare the prices offered by car rental service that including fueling on the charges and those does not and adopt a more convenient and cost-effective service provider.

Additional insurance cover:

Insurance policy covers vary considerably, and your may have to check with your insurance provider directly. Minimum legally permissible insurance covers may not extend to rental cars while full coverage insurance certainly does. The idea is to have the insurance of your primary vehicle extend to your rental car since rental cars are considered a replacement vehicle under the policy. The comprehensive cover should even be able to cover the rental car of higher value as compared to your main car. Therefore, if you have a comprehensive coverage for your main car, the rental car service provider should be able to accept it to cover the rented car. Note that to cover an accident on a rental car you may have to raise your rates on your own insurance policy.

iii. Remember that credit card policy may not cover the damage cost:

Check with your credit card provider what your credit card policy can exactly cover on a rental car. Note that some credit card providers may be willing to cover any damage incur on a rental car, but not the cost of fees assessed by the rental car company. Remember that bills may add up, and you will not want to be left holding the bill.

Rent Car

iv. Consider age requirements and cost related to ages:

Some companies charge more for youths to drive. In most cases, age is not an advantage to the car rental service provider, and for many years, some companies do not allow drivers under 21 years hire their vehicle. Although a number of car rental service providers allows youths below the age of 25 to hire their vehicles, some charge a hefty fee on the younger drivers. If you are a youth below 25 years, consider this matter any look for a service provider who can accommodate youths at affordable prices.

v. Get to know whether you will have to part with some money for extra registered drivers:

In case you have to register additional drivers for the rented cars, would you have to pay money? Think carefully about the number of drivers that you may need to drive your rental car ask the car rental service provider about the issue of registering more than driver. If more than additional fees will have to be paid, consider dedicating one or two drivers to avoid incurring hefty charges.

vi. Check whether the hire car service provider allows the use of their car on unpaved roads:

It is important to get all the necessary details about the car hiring service provider’s policies. Some companies do not allow the use of the cars on the unpaved road, and if you intend using the car on the unpaved road, it is better to hire a car from the right service providers. It might be necessary to purchase collision damage waiver or get some rental car insurance to avoid unnecessary cost when your driver enters gravel or unpaved road. Otherwise, stick of the defined routes unless you paid for off-road adventures.

Rent Car

vi. Can you avoid extra airport charges?

If you are travelling to far country by air and have to rent a car at the local counter at the airport terminal, you may require to path with some airport fee. Car rental service providers are supposed to collect and pay these surges fee to the airport authority, and there little you can do to avoid the charges. However, if you grab a shuttle to a hotel or downtown area and rent a car there, it could be far much better.

Vii: You can avoid paying for higher functionality if you are loaded with extra tools:

You may need to expensive cars if you already have some tools and gadget already. For instance, if you need a child seat, a GPS System or you want to listen to the radio you can carry them with you if you already have them. A GPS radio, for example, may cost you up to 3 dollars a day while other gadgets like a GPS system may cost you even more. Where possible, pack all these necessary catches with you while travelling to avoid incurring some unnecessary extra cost. In most cases, you will be able to get cheaper cars without these features at lower cost.


There could be much other consideration that y may have to make before hiring a car but once you hire it to make sure that you are using the car according to the stated policies. The plans may require that you bring all the fuel received to avoid paying for the extra cost. Also remember to return the car on time to avoid incurring any additional fees. Some companies are lenient when it come to a time for returning the car, and some even offer a grace period of up to one hour past the scheduled time.

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