Why Car Rentals Are So Popular In Singapore

Car Rental In Singapore

CTE, KPE, PIE always jam during the morning rush? Well, with the current economy strength of Singapore, owning a car is not a luxury living but a necessity to travel around.

Even with the ability to buy and own a car, not many Singaporeans are buying car. The reason is simple. Owning a car in Singapore is a liability, as there are maintenance fee, petrol topping and the COE alone may already kill off your budget in getting a car.
Hence, the idea of car renting evolves.

Car rental may resolve some of your sticky situations like time and budget. Car rental also give you the freedom to change your car often with no any restrictions or a monetary liabilities to tie you down. Furthermore, when u rent a car, you do not require doing any monthly car maintenance.

In this article, you will know the good advantages of renting a car.

1. Road Trip: Taking Taxi in Singapore is easy, however, you will notice that the fee you paid may not be ideal. Hailing a taxi and travel, you may incur costs like ERP, CBD charge and Peak Hour Surcharge. You can cut down waiting time for taxi by renting a car and the distance cost of the taxi may be equivalent to a car rental cost.

2. Impressing your date: Leaving a good impression on your first date is important. Renting a posh and great car is an ideal way to make your date felt that you are sincere and also leave a good memory or impression to her.

3. Repairing your car: Feeling handicap when your car is send in for car maintenance or repair? You now can have the option in renting a car to temporary replace your own car to allow you for travelling.

4. Like new cars always: Buying a car is like an investment. Time and efforts spent is also a lot till you would not make a hasty decision in buying. I would advise if you change cars often, renting a car may be a good option. Renting car in nowadays is not expensive and you can get a chance to drive any model or brand of your choice with no commitment tie down to you. You also can get more time in considering which model or brand will be suitable for you before you decided buying your own car.

5. Urban Development: Singapore is a well develop country especially in transportation. With the full opening of Circle Line, travelling from East to West is no longer time consuming and inaccessible. Owning a car may seem to be wasting your expense as the city is very well develop in transportation and also all those jams in the peak hours. No doubt saying that, a need for car to travel is always there. For instances, family outing to Sentosa, hosting an important client etc. Hence, the demand for car rental is always present.

To conclude, renting a car provide you the flexibilities that you can think of. Mainly, renting car can greatly help you to save if you do not want any liabilities to tie you down.

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