Renting A Vehicle In Singapore

Car Rental In Singapore

Owning a car in Singapore is not easy. With all those road taxes and high rocket price COE, most of your budget for your car will be exhausted on that. Luckily, in recent years, the trend of renting a car to travel is beginning to pick up, so there may be an option for you.

Getting a rented car give you the flexibility in time and your budget. You can do weekly, monthly or yearly renting depending on your budget. Since there are many car renting companies available in the market, always do a comparison before doing a selection.
In this article, you will learn some new tricks.

Never get too excited that you found a good rate for your car rental. Do be careful when your car rental rate is too cheap to be true as it may have some hidden costs in those terms and conditions. If you are not aware and wary on those charges, you will soon feel disappointed when that car rental sales person started to add on charges i.e. insurance fees, license fees etc.

As mentioned always, do a comparison via internet. Since majority of car rental companies do have their own website to attract customers to rent their car, why not seize this opportunity in doing a price comparison and their service level commitment. Usually, due to competition, there will be great discounts offered among those car rental companies. However, do not get cheated by those internet advertising gimmicks, always read through those terms and conditions before committing in renting a car.

A major point that you must take note that, the period of time you going to rent the car will determine your car rental budget. You may consider big car rental companies to rent your car if you are renting for a few days. If you are renting for like few months, I would advise you to rent from small car rental companies as they are able and willingly to give you more discount and promotion for renting a longer period. Consider auto dealers as they usually offer better rates in those situations.

However, there may be some disadvantages in renting from a small car rental companies. One highlight is that support service from those small car rental companies may not be the same as big car rental companies i.e. if your car sudden cease engine in the middle of an expressway, small car rental company may not able to provide any immediate remedy.

To summarise, renting a car in Singapore is convenient and easy. You are able to plan your budget well and furthermore, you do not have to pay all those taxes and you have a flexibility of your time. Whether which car rental company you chose, always take note that if you save on your rental fee, there may be a risk that you may need to bear as every cents count.

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