How To Choose A Reliable Car Rental Company In Singapore

Car Rental In Singapore

Owning a car in Singapore is not as easy as you think. The road tax itself may able to use up your budget set aside to buy a car. Furthermore, you need to do a monthly maintenance to keep up your car's performance. Insurance for the car does not come in cheap also.

Having said that, many Singaporeans once they reached their legal age, taking a car license is at the top of their wishing list. Although they cannot personally own a car, car rental will be their next option.

Many people often assume that the prices of car rentals are almost the same, however, the prices do varies from different rental car companies.

Car renting is a common sight in Singapore, especially during the holiday seasons like Hari Raya and Chinese New Year.

In this article, I will teach you some ways to save and choose a reliable car rental company.

- Compare Prices

Always remember to do a research before engaging a car rental. With the aid of modern technology, a lot of information can be taken via the internet. In Singapore, we are not in shortages of rental companies, however, most importantly is to get the best price and reliable after sales service. Often, many major car rental companies’ websites have discount promotion if you do a booking online.

- Get the car for your requirements

The ideal and economical choice is to get a car that is big enough to accommodate you, your family and the luggage. Avoid MPV if you are not bringing a lot of items with you or your family size is not big, renting a MPV fee will be costly and topping up of petrol can be a burden too. - Read the Car Rental Cost Carefully

Read line by line about the costs that will be incurred to you. Read carefully on the terms and conditions that may bind you before making a reservation. If possible, always try to avoid any other additional costs. Never rent a car at the airport because there are extra fees tacked on you, thus always avoid them and do the renting offsite.

- Find out if your automobile insurance covered for rented car

If your automobile insurance offers the same car accidental coverage on your own car, you can save your money from paying extra insurance from the car rental company. Certain credit card companies do provide insurance on cars rented by using their cards. Do your research first before getting the insurance from the rental company.

After reading this article, I am recommending you guys a car rental company in Singapore called the Rent Car Singapore you can easily visit them through this website, my friends around me have been raving about their budget prices. So why hesitate? Call them today now! Last note, do be careful and alert on the road.

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